Sales cycle time in the B2B market often takes long, since decision-making professionals are pressed for time. It’s likely that with the plethora responsibilities they have to take care, your marketing message has slipped out of their memory.

Hence, to make your products and services widely claimable, it is imperative that as a marketer you are able to identify your targeted audience and reach out to them frequently for staying on top of their mind. At such times, email communication often proves to be a preferable way of audience engagement.

Though purchasing an email list will resolve most of your challenges, it won’t help you to stay connected with previously acquired customers whose email addresses are lacking from your database. That’s why we recommend B2B email appending as a proven marketing practice to maintain a relationship with your entire customer base with BlueBridge Data Solutions.

Global corporations, emerging companies, and consulting firms in a wide range of industries turn to Value Prospects for knowledge services and products that support their strategic decision making and day-to-day knowledge processes. Value Prospects offer them with comprehensive and validated B2B data lists of a huge database across 7 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

BlueBridge’s B2B master database list offers:-
» 700K B2B contacts across Asia.
» 500K business details across 8 Asian countries.
» All industry segments.
» Contacts covering all business functions and levels.
» Validated emails campaign design & management tool.

Our Business to Business List covers following fields:-
» Company Profile: Name, Vertical, Location, Employees Strength, Turnover.
» Employee Profile:  faxName, Age, Designation, Job Level & Functions.
» Address: City, State, Zip Code, Country.
» Contact: Phone, MobilFax, email ids, websites.
» IT infrastructure Account Profiling: Brands & Total Number of PC, laptops, servers, Application, CRM, ERP, SCM, Accounting & Financial Management Software.