Access to the best quality schools data is vital for a successful plan for marketing to schools in the US. In order to email teachers and key decision makers in schools across the US, you need current, reliable data.

Our data accuracy guarantee, and a strong team of data managers updating and cleansing our education data on a daily basis mean that your education marketing strategy will have the best possible impact.

With data for over 102,000 teachers and decision makers in all US Schools, we can work with you the real time information for your marketing needs.


Your Schools Data:

  • Is updated on a daily basis and, crucially, is supplied to you in REAL TIME via your education data dashboard
  • Is covered by an accuracy guarantee of 90% for email data.
  • Gives you the freedom to choose from 103 different job titles across all US schools. Take a look at who we collect data for.
  • Contains post, telephone and email addresses.
  • Allows you to see key supplementary data, such as numbers on roll, religious affiliation, which can assist with segmenting your campaigns

Some of the current challenges faced by the education industry today are:

  • Demand is hardly met by what’s there to supply (we look at it as an advantage)
  • Increased competition from new and specialized courses
  • A part of the workforce finds it hard to market what they have to offer
  • Infrastructure for reaching bigger audiences
  • Finding niche audiences in pre-admission
  • Promoting courses to the target audience
  • Academic-product differentiation