BlueBridge’s Telemarketing is a powerful demand generation practice and a cost-effective solution to generate qualified leads. If utilized strategically, telemarketing can provide high lead generation ROI. In a serious environment of the B2B market, the impact of human conversation and connection can provide highly positive results. 

B2B telemarketing is more than just talking, convincing and selling (goods, service or products) to prospects. It is more important to listening, understanding, discovering and providing relevant information to take customer relationships and prospect interactions to the next level in gathering information. Telemarketing is no longer about the number of calls it is always about how many calls translate to improvement in the customer relationship, value, sales and business growth step by step.


Advantages and Importance of B2B Telemarketing

  • It is easier to find the contact of the right person.
  • It is a channel which allows you to easily interact with prospects, with an opportunity to answer their queries and concerns about your product or service.
  • It helps in increasing efficiency as you can reach many more prospects by phone than with in-person sales calls.
  • It helps in improving relationships and maintaining contact with existing customers, as well as introducing new products to them.
  • The results are highly measurable.
  • It serves as an information source about your prospects, provided you ask the right questions.
  • It is cost effective if outsourced, as there are minimal expenses involved.
  • It costs less when compared to direct sales.
  • It makes it easy to expand sales territory as you can easily connect with local, national and global prospects.


An effective telemarketing process often involves two or more calls. However, We at BlueBridge Data Solutions has a real-time investment on TeleMarketing. We follow a different procedure when it comes to verifying the list and Guarantee. Our Team follows a complete end to end procedure in verifying the entire list that follows our Database.

We at BlueBridge Data Solutions maintaining a healthy Database funnel is key to the success of your company. Tele-Verification is not a one-time effort, rather it′s a process that needs to be sustained in order to support a growing revenue stream. Tele-Verification data quality improves build up to a 66% increase in revenue.

Sometimes you need the extra output without investing in new staff or retaining agencies that can only deliver one part of the process, such as data, telemarketing, sales, collateral production, fulfillment etc.

Above all – We BlueBridge Data Solutions has a healthy Tele-Marketing team which builds a valued database with exact information for the valued clients – Thus we value for your money.